Uganda Embassy participates in Martyrs Day celebrations

Sun, 06/16/2024
The Ugandan community in Burundi on 16th June 2024 joined the Burundian community in celebrating the Ugandan Martyrs' Solemnity at the Dominican Chapel, Kinanira 3, Bujumbura Archdiocese.
The Embassy of Uganda in Burundi, working closely with the Diaspora, participated in animating the Mass. A Ugandan Priest in Burundi by the names of Fr. Lini precided over the Eucharistic celebration.
During his homily, Fr. Lini urged the Christians not to find excuses to deny their faith, and that they should always accept to be Martyrs by believing in the word of God and living by it.
He further stated that it’s by Divine grace that we practice and love God’s ways, and that the Martyrs died because they chose to abandon their traditional gods.
He urged Christians not to be bothered by the problems of the world but instead seek eternal life, and strive to store up their treasures in heaven.
He prayed that the Uganda Martyrs intercede for him as a Priest, to obtain the joy to keep preaching even in the remotest of places
Prayers were offered, that the Uganda Martyrs, through their intercession, obtain for congregation the grace to stop sinning, and also to always have the zeal for everlasting life.
Congregants were informed that the Ugandan Martyrs were from various faiths i.e. Catholics, Anglicans and Moslems.
The Ugandan Diaspora took the opportunity to offer thanksgiving to God for numerous blessings received. The 1st Secretary at the Embassy of Uganda, in his remarks after the Church announcements, invited the congregation to make plans and visit Uganda, in order to witness first-hand the sites where the Martyrs were tortured and died, and to also view some of the relics of these saints.