New Application:

  1. Please follow the steps below to makean online passport application.
  2. Navigate to the passport portal.
  3. Click the Start New Application link to start a new application.
  4. Accept the terms and conditions displayed in the Disclaimer.
  5. Answer simple security questions.
  6. Complete the passport application form.


Resume Application:

You can resume an application midway through the process.

  1. Navigate to the passport portal.
  2. Click the Resume Saved Application link to resume an application.
  3. Enter your Surname
  4. Enter the phone number you put under new application
  5. Enter date of birth
  6. Respond to security questions
  7. Click "resume application"

Once the application form is complete, the applicant proceeds to make a payment.


Passport costs:

Ordinary - UGX 250,000

Express - (additional) UGX 150,000

Official - UGX 400,000

Diplomatic - UGX 500,000


Appointment interview:

After payment, the applicant can then proceed to book an appointment. Please note, booking an appointment cannot

proceed before payment is made.

  1. Navigate to the passport portal.
  2. Click the Schedule Appointment link to set an appointment date.
  3. Enter your Application Number
  4. Enter date of birth
  5. Enter your surname
  6. Respond to security questions
  7. Click "retrieve"
  8. Set an appointment date


Note: During the appointment, all applicants are to physically appear at the passport centre, and cannot send a representative. Fingerprints of the applicant will be taken

For diaspora Ugandans who cannot travel back to pick approved passport:

  1. After the physical interview at the immigration office and subsequent approval:
  2. Obtain a letter from the Embassy of Uganda
  3. Write a letter authorizing another person to collect the passport on your behalf to the diaspora desk at the immigration office. Attach the letter from the Embassy of Uganda mentioned above.
  4. The authorized person can pick up the passport, when ready, and send it via courier to you. This is all at the cost of the applicant.