Uganda Embassy participates in 2024 Senior Command and Staff College (SCSC) Cultural Gala

Fri, 01/19/2024

The Uganda Embassy in Bujumbura participated in the Senior Command and Staff College (SCSC) Cultural Gala 2024 edition. This is an annual event organised by the students at the Kinanira SCSC campus.

The presentations were made from the 17th to the 19th of January, with the main event held on the 19th January 2023. Participating students organized a cultural show with an aim of showcasing aspects of their respective countries' culture. Ugandan students displayed products manufactured in Uganda including milk, maize flour, beers, wines, Uganda waragi, hair products, cosmetics, paints and cultural artefacts. Ugandan dances were performed and dishes from Uganda served.

The Embassy worked to support Lt Col Bbosa and Maj Mackapel as they displayed and presented Uganda's cultural wealth to their college superiors. The event is meant to foster a sense of unity among participating nations.