Jit Mat company executives visit the Embassy

Wed, 03/27/2024

On 27 March 2024 the Embassy of Uganda in Burundi received the CEO of Jit Mat, Mr. David Moller, who was accompanied by his Deputy and Operations Manager. 

The Directors of Jit Mat are Ugandans and are setting up a sugar factory in Muyinga Province under the Sweet Sorghum Project. The Sweet Sorghum Project is an initiative whose vision revolves around the cultivation and utilization of sweet sorghum in the manufacturing of sugar. The company was allocated 6000 hectares of land to plant sorghum and intend to commence production by the end of this year 2024. 

The team had come to brief the Embassy on the progress regarding the factory construction. 

Thus far, construction of staff quarters, factory premises, a school, and a hospital is ongoing.