Message from the Ambassador

Welcome remarks of the Ambassador


Welcome to the official website of the Embassy of the Republic of Uganda in Bujumbura.

The Embassy of Uganda in Burundi was officially opened in August 2009. Since then, relations between Uganda and Burundi have acquired a new dynamism and the mission core responsibilities then are to ensure that these relations are upheld and strengthened in addition to protecting and promoting Uganda's national interests and positions in Burundi.

In line with the Vision 2040, the thrust of the Embassy's delivery is to promote Economic and Commercial Diplomacy and other programs that enhance the prosperity, security and good image of Uganda, taking into account mutually beneficial collaborative programs and regional integration.

The mission is also responsible for delivering consular services to Ugandans in the course of their work or business ventures in Burundi.

The then British Prime Minister, Sir Winston Churchill, described Uganda as "THE PEARL OF AFRICA" and indeed a country gifted by nature: all year green; mountains; snow; angulating hills; plateaus; variety of fauna and flora; hospitable climate;intersected by the equator; several water bodies including Lake Victoria, the largest fresh water lake in the world; and River Nile, the second longest river in the world; as well as welcoming people.


Through this website, all are welcome to visit Uganda and enjoy the splendours in the country. Apart from tourism, there are many business opportunities in investment and trade. Uganda operates one of the most liberalized economies in Africa with guaranteed safety of invested funds, high return on investments and freedom to repatriate one's capital and profits at any time. Uganda is a member of the EAC and COMESA, which provide a large market for especially trade in services and manufactured goods. Ugandan products can also be sold on the wider world market.


Uganda is a democratic country, holds periodic elections and upholds the tenets of good governance, rule of law and respect of human rights including freedom of press and speech. Uganda has over 120 radio stations in addition to the vibrant print and other electronic media as well as unhindered access to the internet.


I once again welcome you to always contact the Embassy for any information pertaining to Uganda and Burundi. We will try our best to improve the service whenever possible as regards to the content. Please feel free to send us your valuable observations and suggestions.


Best wishes.


Maj Gen (Rtd) Matayo Kyaligonza