List of visa-exempt countries

The list of visa-exempt countries has been updated and is summarized as below:

  • Exemption for all types of passports (37 countries including DRC);
  • Exemptions for Diplomatic and Service Passports (10 countries)

As of 21 st November 2023, the following are the countries whose citizens are allowed to travel to Uganda without a visa.

  1. Antigua and Barbuda
  2. Bahamas
  3. Barbados
  4. Belize
  5. Botswana
  6. Burundi
  7. Comoros
  8. Cyprus
  9. Democratic Republic of Congo
  10. Eritrea
  11. Fiji
  12. Gambia
  13. Ghana
  14. Grenada
  15. Ireland
  16. Jamaica
  17. Kenya
  18. Lesotho
  19. Madagascar
  20. Malawi
  21. Malaysia
  22. Malta
  23. Mauritius
  24. Rwanda
  25. Seychelles
  26. Sierra Leone
  27. Singapore
  28. Solomon Islands, The Grenadines
  29. South Sudan
  30. St. Vincent-Tonga
  31. Swaziland
  32. Tanzania
  33. Trinidad and Tobago
  34. United Nations laissez-passer
  35. Vanuatu
  36. Zambia
  37. Zimbabwe


NB The visa exemption also applies where the citizens from the countries listed above hold valid conventional travel documents (CTD)* regardless of the issuing country.


The holders of Diplomatic and Official/Service passports from the following countries are also exempted from visa requirements and can travel to Uganda without a visa.

  1. The Socialist Republic of Vietnam 
  2. The Republic of Sierra Leone 
  3. The Republic of the Democratic Republic of Algeria
  4. The Republic of South Africa
  5. The Republic of Cuba
  6. The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia
  7. The Republic of India
  8. The Republic of Senegal
  9. The Islamic Republic of Iran
  10. The Russian Federation


 * Note:

A Convention Travel Document (CTD) is issued to refugees who are registered in accordance with the UN Convention on Refugees and is issued by the respective countries where the individual is a refugee. It does not 'remove" one's Nationality; in other words, the nationality of the holder does not cease upon acquisition of a CTD. The holder's Nationality is usually clearly indicated in the CTD. This serves to inform all stakeholders that visa exemption is on the Nationality and not the Travel Document one holds. This implies that all CTD holders from Visa exempt countries do not require pre-approved visas or authorisations.