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Hon. Maria Chantal Nijimbere predicts increase in investment decisions between Uganda and Burundi

Wednesday, 23rd March 2022
Hon. Maria Chantal Nijimbere at the Uganda-Burundi business forum. 23rd March 2022

Uganda and Burundi held a business forum in Bujumbura at the Source du Nil (Source of the Nile Hotel) on Wednesday 23rd March 2022.

During the forum, Hon. Maria Chantal Nijimbere, Minister of Commerce, Transport, Industry and Tourism in the Republic of Burundi, opened her remarks by extending a welcome to the Hon. Ministers from Uganda and the delegates from both Countries to Burundi.

The Minister hailed the excellent historical cordial relations between Burundi and Uganda. She reiterated that the Business Forum Meeting was an opportunity to strengthen business relations between the two Countries and emphasized that Uganda and Burundi needed to strengthen and consolidate the relations.

In her concluding remarks, she said that there are big volumes of trade between the two countries by road transport through Tanzania and the construction of the railway line connecting Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda, and Congo would go a long way to improve trade and investment.

The Minister underlined the urgency of the construction of the road section from Kampala to Bujumbura via Mutukula-Kabanga-Kobero.

She implored the Business Community to tap into the bigger market from DRC Congo by establishing Businesses in Burundi, which is easily accessed by traders from Congo, through the shortest route on Lake Tanganyika.

The Minister was confident this business forum will produce more investment decisions soon for both parties.